Why Music Festivals Are So Life Changing

Have you ever wondered why most people who go to music festivals seem to have had their lives changed by this one event? This behavior is not completely subjective, as there are some very good reasons why a music festival can alter your view of life in a few days.

It’s a Unifying Experience

Music festivals are known to bring in people from around the world to one place. Not from one country, not from one continent, but from the whole world. If this experience doesn’t teach you that human beings are inherently similar beings, regardless of gender, race, or religion, we don’t know what will.

It Makes You Feel Good, Literally

Studies have found that listening to music leads to the release of dopamine in our brains, which is a hormone that makes us feel good. This means that music, scientifically, has the ability to make us feel happier. And it helps a lot that this happiness is shared with thousands of people all listening to the same music and jumping to the same beats as you.

Music festivals are one of the most unifying experiences you will ever have in your life. The number of people that you see at these occasions is not only staggering but very humbling too. You not only learn to be patient with other people, but also learn about different cultures. Going to a music festivals for some days and taking in this experience is a great way to grow as a considerate human being, and of course it helps you become happier and gives you a break from the daily grind of life as well.

How to Take Great Photos at a Music Festival

While it’s important to leave your gadgets home when you go to a music festival, it’s also important for many people to savor those memories in the form of photos.

Here are some of the ways in which you can be sure of capturing all those great memories while not having to sacrifice enjoying the actual music.

HDR is a Quick Fix

When the time comes to shoot photos of the venue, go HDR to save time adjusting exposure and getting the perfect amount of light in your photos. Just set your camera to take three brackets of the same shot at different exposures, and merge them all later in an HDR processor. Visit www.aurorahdr.com to learn more.

Go Compact

Lugging around a heavy DSLR is not going to be an ideal way to take photos at a music festival. You’ll always be worried about something happening to your gear and won’t be able to enjoy anything. Instead, take along a capable compact camera that you can walk around with.

Notice the Little Things

Another advantage of having a small camera is that you’ll have it with you at all time. So start noticing the little things that make music festivals so great. Take pictures of the food stalls and the face painting camps. Take portraits of people who look interesting to you, and take photos of what’s happening other than the music too. These are the things that matter when you look back at your experiences.

How to Enjoy a Music Festival to the Fullest

Going to music festivals is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have in your life. Camping out with friends, dancing to live music, and feeling the same rhythm that some 10,000 other people also feel is something that you just can’t replicate.

Having gone to many music festivals in my own life, I’ve come up with three essential tips and tricks that must be followed in order to enjoy one of these to the fullest.

Camping is Not to be Missed

Sure, you’ll be able to find a nice hotel near the festival, but if you get a choice between camping and staying in a hotel, go for camping. Having so many people around you, all with the same purpose, gives rise to a sense of community that is unlike anything.

Don’t Carry Excessive Gadgets

It’s not wise to carry around a heavy camera with you on a music festival, or multiple phones and laptops. Take what you absolutely need, and just enjoy the moment. Don’t try to capture every single moment with your camera or phone, because that’s how you end up not having any real fun.

Don’t Back Out of Anything

The whole idea of attending a music festival is to have new experiences. Don’t be afraid to try new things, have some weird food, and listen to some new bands you’ve never heard of before. A music festival is going to be one of the best experiences in your life, so don’t let your personal reservations get the better of you if you can help it.