Can You Use Your Phone?

So far, we’ve gone over tips and tricks that can help you take better photos of concerts, but what if you don’t have a DSLR or another high end, dedicated camera? What if you don’t want to take anything along but your smartphone? In this post, we’ll discuss whether you can shoot a concert with just your phone or not, and some tips to take better photos.  

You Can Use Your Phone, But Not Always  

It’s no secret that smartphone cameras have come a very, very long way in recent years. Manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are constantly making stellar improvements to their phone cameras to attract a broader market of serious photographers. It’s no surprise then that their flagship phones cost nearly, or more than, a thousand dollars.  

But not everyone has an expensive phone and even if you do, you may not be able to take amazing photos with it in every situation. However, provided that you have enough light, you can easily pull off some great concert photos with just your smartphone.  

If you’re set on taking mobile photos at a concert, here are some tips you should try out:  

  • Use Manual Mode 

Even if the automatic modes on cameras work well, they don’t always do what you need them to. So, try using the manual mode as most smartphones today offer it. Here, you can adjust the ISO, focus, white balance, and even shutter speed on some phones. With the manual mode, you have much more control over how your shot comes out.  

  • Use RAW Capabilities 

Many companies today have allowed users to shoot RAW photos from their phones. This can be hugely beneficial for you as you can have the full information captured by the camera at your disposal to process as you please. You can then use an auto photo editor for RAW images to quickly process your photos or take your time and delve into deeper editing.  

  • Use a Tripod 

If you’re taking videos or long exposure shots, use a tripod for your phone. A phone camera has a small sensor which is much more prone to introducing noise and blur in photos. To combat noise, you’ll have to use a slower shutter speed and a lower ISO value, and to combat motion blur because of the slower shutter speed, you’ll need a tripod.  

  • Use Creative Apps 

Sometimes, the best way to hide a camera’s imperfections is to take a more creative shot. There are a number of editing apps available for smartphones that can be used to creatively edit your photos. You can make them black and white, add color filters to them, or just use the apps to add effects like grunge or grain etc.  

  • Use Dual Lenses 

If you have one of those smartphones with dual, or more, camera lenses at the back, you can use them to really push your phone photography to the next level. Some phones come with telephoto lenses that will allow you to get much closer to the stage without cropping the photo. Some have wide-angle lenses that can help encapsulate the ambiance of the whole arena in one photo.  

  • Use Add-On Lenses 

If your phone doesn’t sport multiple lenses, try using add-on ones that many companies make. These attach to the back of your phone, covering the camera, and change the perspective of the built-in lens. You can make your camera lens behave like a telephoto lens, macro lens, wide angle lens, and even a fish-eye lens if you want.  


So, in short, yes you can use your phone to take photos at a concert if you don’t have a camera with you or just don’t want the extra weight and hassle. Just be sure to give the tips mentioned in this guide a consideration and you might just end up with great-looking photos.