How to Capture the Venue with your Camera

One of the most important elements of any musical concert is the actual venue where the event is being held. It’s not just about the music and the dancing. The stage, the stands, the setup, and the camps all collectively give meaning to a concert.

Therefore, it becomes important to capture the essence of the space before the concert starts. So take images of the venue before the people start piling in, before the stage is taken by the performers. Follow these tips to take great photos of the concert venue:

Use a wide angle lens to take in the whole stage in one photo. If you don’t have a wide angle lens then you can always make a panorama, but it won’t look as nice as a wide angle photo of the entire thing.

Take HDR photos to make sure that the bright sky doesn’t ruin your shot by getting blown out. This will let you take a photo that is evenly exposed from the shadows to the highlights. To learn more about HDR photography, follow this link.

Go monochrome to capture the true essence of the space in a creative way. Sometimes you need to take the color away from a photo to really emphasize on its presence. You can also use color splash effects to draw the viewers’ focus to one part of the image.

Try long exposures to get creative effects from the sky if it’s a windy and cloudy day. This will allow you to have the clouds blurred due to their motion over a short time, creating a very dynamic sky atop a static stage.

Try these tips when taking photos of a concert venue, and feel free to experiment with other styles and techniques as well. You’ll see how different a venue can look before the actual event starts.